lunes, 14 de enero de 2008

The rock scene starts with the best in Colombia - Arrive Iron Maiden!!!

Gentlemen ... 2008 begins with the right foot after the arrival of one of the Heavy Metal bands most important of all time, it is Iron Maiden, mitica English band with its powerful guitars to fanaticos captivated thousands around the world. The band was presented in bogota day on February 28 as part of his tour "somewhere back in time" promising a spectacle unimaginable assistant to the public.

The band arrived from Costa Rica to depart thence Brazil in a Boeing 757 specially designed for the group with the logos and image of Eddie (the mascot of the band). The aircraft carrying more than 12 tons of equipment, a team of 70 people and is led by Captain Bruce Dickinson, yes, the very vocalist of the group.

For Maiden is very exciting to be able to come to our country: "We are very excited about going to Colombia for the first time is incredible go to new places, which is difficult when these spinning so hard around the world for as long as we do . Fans of South America are the most passionate. With the strategy of the aircraft, we can now go to places where never before had come and dodne fans have asked Maiden for many years. Also the fact going to play the classics, something never seen before in Colombia, crazy going to the people! "Says Steve Harris, bassist of the band.

Undoubtedly this will be the most spectacular show that the band has ever had, including several elements of his tour "somewhere in time" as his giant robot Eddie, mascot of the band.

Below leave with some promo videos from his tour "somewhere in time"

Iron maiden in Greece promo tour "somewhere back in time 2008"

Iron Maiden in Argentina promo tour "somewhere back in time 2008"

Iron Maiden live Argentina 2001

The number of the beast - Iron Maiden

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MetalRolera dijo...

Excelente banda osava!! me gustaría ir a verlos Argentina n.n besos cuidate!!

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bloggerxero cadena de enlaces!

Directorio bloggero, enlaza tu blog!
exitos en este 2008! lleno de bendiciones y sigue asi con tu blog! ta chulo :)

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ya puse tu banner ,gracias y muy buen blog