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Armin Van Buuren - The Best Dj in Latinoamerica

Armin Van Buuren

This DJ will be forthcoming in Colombia performing in one of the most important events of the electronica scene both in Colombia and Latin America which is the overseas Festival 2008 which will result not only in the best dj in the world (armin van buuren) if no other dj world-class high as they are above and beyond among others.

Born in Leiden, Netherlands on December 25, 1976, Armin van Buuren today is one of the most renowned DJs worldwide, placing among the top three in the world along with DJ Tiësto and Paul Van Dyk.

From age 19 he fell in love with electronic music bought computers and turntables, creating your own music as I have been studying the foundations of electronic music, and this became his priority. Armin said that trance has many elements with styles very different styles, as are triba, progressive, techno, trance, euphoric trance, vocal trance, melodic progressive, and the point is to create them with your fingerprint.

These days it is really hard to label a specific sound. Styles are mutating and evolving into completely new sounds, bringing electronic music is going back to its origins.

Among its successes is the track Eternity in which participates with DJ Tiësto and that his career takes a big leap, and with a set of 5 hours flame attracts much more attention. In 2003 he found the time to make the set longer and establish a world record for a period of 12 hours in the club The Hague.

For me the best compilations are Shivers and the State of Trance series, the tracks of course recommended Shiver and Love you More also has a very sexy video…

Armin van Buuren to be mostly Trance, is a very quiet so do not expect much beat breaks horns, worse can expect rolas very melodic with excellent pace and, when I say that we do not expect much beat, I mean that no style rola of "The Flow" DJ Tiësto, electronics beat is not without electronics.

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